Lead Full Stack Engineer

London, UK

Procurement Leaders™ is a multi-award-winning business intelligence platform and network organisation specialising in procurement, sourcing and supply chain management arenas. With 750 companies and over 33,000 members in our growing network, we are proud to partner with procurement executives from the world’s leading brands such as Google, IBM, Ralph Lauren, Nestle, Siemens, Johnson & Johnson and Lego.

Role Description:

As Senior Full Stack developer, you will have the opportunity to lead a small team of talented developers in a progressive, forward thinking and fast paced organisation, making a large impact on Procurement Leader’s product and its delivery. Procurement Leaders is an organisation encouraging a learning and development environment, with great purview, giving you the foundations to advance your own skills and the skills of those around you.

Lead the collaboration between internal stakeholders

  • Provide technical insight to internal stakeholders to find solutions to business and customer problems
  • Seek the insights of expert from around the business to continuously improve PL’s digital capabilities
  • Develop strategic priorities for the digital product & the digital team
  • Report to & collaborate with the Chief Product & Innovation Officer on strategic priorities & progress
  • Use the Scrum framework to gold backlog refinement sessions with internal stakeholders


  • Use technologies such as Node.js, React.js, GraphQL & MongoDB to deliver best-in-class digital experiences to our members, delegates and prospects
  • Contribute directly to the development on an in-house events applicating using our technology sack
  • Contribute directly to an interactive survey & dashboard tool using our technology stack
  • Design, develop & deliver pages and portals on our CMS platform using HTML, CSS & JavaScript
  • Make technical decisions that reduce risk and maximise value

Lead and inspire the digital team

  • Motivate and develop the individual contributors in the digital team
  • Inspire curiosity and self-development in the team and those around you
  • Hold sprint planning sessions with the digital team to create a backlog of deliverable tasks
  • Inspect current processes and adept to new learnings using retrospective sessions

Who you are

  • Highly motivated self-starter that seeks opportunities to solve hard problems
  • Curious about new technologies and tooling that could provide value to the team & organisation
  • A passionate developer that seeks to learn from those around you
  • Understands the value in quality collaboration
  • An ambassador for Scrum and agile around the business
  • Always looking for ways to coach and develop your team

Your first six months

  • Collaborate with internal stakeholders to build feature requirements for PL’s events application, an interactive survey tool and the Procurement Leaders website
  • Report to the Chief Innovation & Product Officer on the team’s and product’s progress
  • Collaborate with the Chief Innovation & Product Officer to build a strategic product roadmap
  • Write JavaScript, HTML & CSS code for in-house code bases and on our CMS platform
  • Meet with an external CMS provider to build on existing capabilities and develop new products
  • Set goals for individual team members and review them weekly to make sure the team is constantly delivering value to the organisation and building on their own capabilities.
  • Oversee the development of a mobile application offering with a team of internal stakeholders and an external technology provider
  • Hold bi-weekly planning sessions with the digital team to plan the next week’s work
  • Hold bi-weekly backlog refinement sessions with internal stakeholders to refine the requirements so they are ready for development
  • Hold bi-weekly retrospectives with the digital team to constantly improve processes, behaviours and team growth
  • Provide feedback to the development team on their outputs and contributions to the team